Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Blog Baby !!

Hello to you,

I am the Kerry Man living in cork and making films for a living. Reading that back i honestly don't think you could write that even if you tried. I work with the team known as AClique Productions. We met in college, Clique and here we are three years later, still together, a back-log of films, documentaries, adverts and sketches that any film maker would be proud of.

In this blog you can expect film reviews on the newest and oldest films around, I'm gonna be reviewing from On The Water Front with Brando to Transformers 3 : The Dark Side Of The Moon. Also on the blog the latest updates with our work in AClique, films, News and everything else Aclique.

I'm going to leave you with this classic which I'm going to watch tonight.
Check back for info on Acliques latest film ACES UNDER.

so as a famous news anchor once said
"That's the news, I am not wearing underwear and Jelloshots all around."


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