Saturday, 25 June 2011

Can women be as funny as men ? (in films) plus more..

Hey guys

This questions came up due to the release of Bridesmaids.

So now i ask the question, Can women be just as funny or even funnier then men?(in films)
I honestly believe no they can't . I've watched my share of films in the past and  i  can honestly say that i have found men to be much funnier. You can argue the point with "yeah  you can say that because those parts were written for men etc" but the only reason i believe that men are funnier is because men can take the piss out of themselves better more so than women. Now i have yet to see Bridesmaids, so i can judge it YET, reviews are  good, some are saying better than original hangover , so this week i shall check it out and let you know what i think.  If you disagree with me post it beneath this blog. i'd like to hear what you have to say. So a quick rundown on why i'm asking this, Knocked up, comes to mind because its the same writer and producer Judd Apatow. Katherine Higel is not that funny in knocked up , she is the reacting character to Seth Rogen playing Seth Rogen once again. Even tho she is the main star she's not funny. There are a few more i will go into soon. Now i spoke to my girlfriend and got her side of the story, she agreed with me in a way, she said "1 in 8 guys are funny, where 1 in 20 women are funny." her words not mine.
Now don't get me wrong i'm only a small bit sexist, i do believe there are funny women out there.
Kristen Wiig, the main lead in Bridesmaids, is hilarious and the reason i'm eager to see it because she wrote the film. Also there is Tina Fey, shes funny and i'm a fan of 30 Rock, but then mainly for Alec Baldwin. Isla Fisher is hilarious in Hot Rod & Wedding Crashers, but i wanna leave this argument for now until i see Bridesmaids.

I wanna say something quick about The Green Lantern. I dont see why this film is being slated, i really don't. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Ever since The Dark Knight was realesed critics expect every comic book adaption to be up the or even better than The Dark Knight, which is Stupid, Take The Green Lantern for what is is, The story is GOOD, the acting is BRILLIANT and the FX are V.GOOD and over all i give it 7.5 /10.

Thats all for me folks for now.

so as a famous news anchor once said
"That's the news, I am not wearing underwear and Jelloshots all around."

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  1. Fair points all round, Jay! Shockingly, I still have yet to see GL, I hope to rectify that on Monday.
    Was recently having the same conversation with someone on the exact topic myself- it's a weird one because I know a few funny (and funny lookin') guys but only a small number of women who can make me laugh my ass off.
    Actually, the girl in question has a blog herself here called 'Work in Prowess'.
    Check her out for what I mean.