Friday, 30 March 2012

Been Awhile

Hey Folks,

Apologies about my tardiness, it has been near 9 months since i last posted. A lot has happened since i last posted, several films have been made, even more have been watched. AClique is getting bigger and bigger and its a great feeling. We recently had a write up from Rockstar Network about our Max Payne Trailer. IGN has also had a chat with us about it. The full short film will be out VERY soon. (Max Trailer) AClique have discovered some new great talent, Nathalie Tobin(Actress/Model), Pat Fitz(Singer/Songwriter/Actor), Dee O Neill(Make Up Artist). We are delighted to have the guys on board. All the boys are very good, Donal is hitting film after film out, Warren is in the pre-production stage of his third installment of the lovable rouge Webster's adventures, EASILY LOST is the working tittle of the new script. Kevin is working on a new Horror film that is gonna be a great addition to the AClique Filmography. Cian has a new girlfriend, but his head is still in game, He is currently working on fx for MAX the film. Adam is working on his anime, QUESTION OF GOD, which looks outstanding. Mike is working on a web series of an elderly old man who mental abuses his servant. I'm working on FATHER, which was written by our very own Tom White. Father is the sequel to Mother. Will is Still Jumping around the place. While all this is going on, we are all working on VICIOUS. Shoot is going great. Filming should finished mid april and then the Post-production shall begin. Then there will be a Premiere thrown in there somewhere. Might be looking at a Night Premiere. That's it really for now. I will try to keep up with the blog and i'll to talk to ya soon.

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That's the news for now, I'm not wearing any pants and jellyshots all round.


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